Dress for Duress

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Bud Canada's "True" campaign continues to score man points, via Toronto's Downtown Partners. In one spot, a guy is in a clothing store, where a conspiracy of babes - his girlfriend, a sales clerk and a customer - convince him to buy a hideous "imported" sweater. When he later saunters into a bar to drink with his buddies, they can't stop laughing at it. All he can say is, "It's Italian." In another spot, a young couple is talking to a relationship counselor. The girl complains the guy is uncommunicative, always parked in front of the TV. The counselor ignores her completely and starts an excited testosterone talk about surround sound systems.

Client: Budweiser Agency: Downtown Partners, Toronto CD/AD: Dan Pawych AD: Rich Pryce-Jones CW: David Chiavegato, Ben Weinberg Agency Producer: Bev Cornish Directors: Lemoine.Miller/Imported Artists/@radical.media/("Sweater"), David Kellogg/Steam Films/Anonymous Content ("Counselor") Editor: David Hicks/School ("Sweater"), Scott Unruh/3rd Floor ("Counselor") Music: Rosnick McKinnon

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