Just Duel It

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A typically busy Manhattan street: A black guy in fencing garb is hailing a cab. Then another black guy in fencing garb is hailing a cab. When a cab actually stops between them - which is quite remarkable, considering the fact that one of the rules of life in New York is that black guys can't get cabs - they put on their faceguards and duel it out on the sidewalk, intercut with mildly interested reaction shots of passersby and a quick shot of the cabbie, who is, appropriately, a Sikh. Then the loser accedes to the winner in true gentlemanly fencing fashion. Tag: "The Olympic Games in New York. We've been training for this forever." There's something cute and endearing about this fantasy notion of life in the big city. We can't wait for the pistol competition.

Client: NYC2012 Agency: Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners ECD: Logan Wilmont CD: Wayne Best CWs: Adam Alshin, Donnell Johnson Agency Producer: Randy Cohen Director: Gregg Hale/Chelsea Pictures Editor: Carlos Arias/Final Cut

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