Dunder Dome

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GSD&M has apparently talked Kinko's into not taking itself too seriously - which means it's another job for . . . Hungry Man! The story in this inspired spot begins with an idea, sketched on the proverbial cocktail napkin, for a soundproof plastic bubble that fits over the heads of two people to facilitate conversation - dubbed the Convobub. As the device enters R&D, testers in white bodysuits are seen wearing the Convobub while an outsider screams to test sound levels. Kinko's is present throughout the process, a narrator says, making endless copies of CEOs wearing the contraption, and helping to spread the word across the globe. The Convobub catches on, and soon it's everywhere, linking everyone from trendy women to Japanese businessmen. The triumphant company holds a press conference and the narrator provides the sarcastic kicker: "If it can help a company like this succeed, imagine what it can do for yours?"

Client: Kinko's Agency: GSD&M CDs: Scott MacGregor, Derek Pletch AD: Chip McDonald CW: Adam Butler Agency Producer: Jen Dennis

Director: Bryan Buckley/Hungry Man Editor: Dan Swietlik/Swietlik Inc. Sound Design: Loren Silber/Pop Sound

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