Empathy Lessons

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Dutch agency KesselsKramer has made a name for itself through its confrontational advertising for such clients as Oxfam and Diesel. So it's not a surprise that the Dutch Ministry of Health called on the shop to publicize its distinctly uncomfortable "Challenge for Holland" campaign, a multimedia effort intended to help people confront their social awkwardness when they meet those with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Tagged "Imagine what it's like, discover what you can do," print, TV and online executions raise questions like, "How do you introduce yourself to someone who is spastic or paralyzed?" and "Should you help a blind person on the street?" In one spot, a woman travels around a city accompanied by two men holding vacuum nozzles to her ears. We hear what she hears: a deafening roar. In another, a man in full body armor attempts to get on a bus. The ads seen here challenge readers to, "Tape two pillows to your head and go to a party," and "Tie your arms behind your back and go to a meeting." Creatives should be quite familiar with this one.

Client: Dutch Ministry of Health Agency: Kessels- Kramer CD: Dave Bell CW: Patrick van der Gronde AD: Cecilia Dufils Photographer: Bianca Pilet Director: Lukas Hammar/Harry Nash

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