The Expressionist 500

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Nascar has scored with humor in the past; now they score with the art-film approach in what's called the "Driver's Mind" campaign. Audio of race drivers saying ominously fast things over what sound like pit crew radio frequencies - lines like "I am not good at waiting"; "Today I am the 12 car"; and "In the end, the only thing that matters is black and white" - are accompanied by mostly blurry race track footage, peppered with frequent vertical-hold problems. Even the Nascar logo that closes each spot gets this "distressed" treatment. It's great stuff, but we still say the only thing interesting about auto racing are the accidents.

Client: Nascar Agency: Young & Rubicam/Chicago ECD: Mark Figliulo CW: Dave Loew AD: Jon Wyville Agency Producer: Matt Bijarchi Director: Peter Thwaites/Anonymous Content/Gorgeous Enterprises, London Editor: Lisa Gunning/ Whitehouse, London Sound Design: Human

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