Father Knows Best

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A rather touching three-part TV campaign for an Oregon casino matches a placid thirtysomething hippie with his high-rolling, cigar-smoking, denture-wearing father, who has returned from the dead to "change his son's life" - by taking him gambling. In one :30, the son is happily building a fire alongside a river when his father appears in a velvet coat. The son's surprise to see his father is replaced by woeful resignation when he realizes he's back to pester him about his lifestyle. "Come on, nature boy," the father says, urging him to come with him to the casino. "It's by the sea. You can collect seashells and make hippie jewelry." "Really?" the son brightens. "No." In another spot, the son is peacefully strumming his guitar by the sea when his father pops over. "That better be patchouli I smell," says Dad.

Client: Chinook Winds Casino Agency: Cole & Weber Red Cell CD/AD: Guy Seese CW: Jim Elliott Agency Producer: Maleah Jacobs Directors: Nick Spooner, Andy French/The Artist Company Editor: Johnna Turiano/Slice Editorial Digital Imagery: Playground

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