Fear and loathing in New York

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Fear and loathing in New York

The posters that Ralph Steadman designed as invitations to the post-AICP Intelefilm party in New York earlier this month may ultimately be more popular than the party itself. Warren Johnson Design worked with Steadman (of Rolling Stone and Hunter S. Thompson gonzo pen-and-ink fame) to produce a series of posters as a teaser campaign for the event, sponsored by Intelefilm, the parent company of Chelsea Pictures, Curious Pictures and The End. Michael Delgado, executive VP-marketing at Intelefilm, explains the thinking behind the posters: "We don't want to position Intelefilm as some conglomerate thing, so we wanted to showcase the brands as a community of artists. We started thinking about the directors that work with us, and what might be going on in their minds and hearts and souls. The posters represent repositories of creative information, their passion for their work." They look great when you're tripping, too.

Client: Intelefilm Agency: Warren Johnson Design CW: Tom Rosen AD: Ralph Steadman

Taking a Cheez Whiz

There's nothing in the fridge but Cheez Whiz in a bleakly furnished apartment with a mouse problem, as we meet our inventive protagonist - who's crawling backwards on the floor, making a trail of orange squirt cheese. He begins at a mousehole in the baseboard and creeps along to a chair, where he gets off his knees and sits, and then continues the cheese path up his leg. A shot of his face shows his mouth contorted in lascivious concentration, and then the camera cuts to his waist as he slides the Cheez Whiz nozzle into his open fly. Tag: "Looking for a more exciting evening?" The evening in question is found at the Here Arts Center in New York. Another spot features a blindfolded couple having a catch with plugged-in appliances in the bathtub.

Client: Here Arts Center Agency: Mad Dogs & Englishmen, New York CD: Mikal Reich/David Cook Producer: Letita Jacobs AD: James Dawson Hollis CW: Emily Reed Production Company: X-Ray Productions, NY Director: Risa Mickenberg Executive Producer: Charlie Curran Editor: Jordan Green Music: Hugh McCracken

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