Fish and Fowl

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Fallon's new "Be More . . . " campaign for PBS manages to "be more" itself, particularly in a piscine tour de force, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, that features a goldfish who makes its way to back to the wild to swim with the big boys, after a charmingly impossible series of leaps. "Be more empowered," indeed. Also notable is a composer who's more "inspired" when a bunch of birds on a treble clef arrangement of phone wires supply the notes he needs to finish a piece of music.

Client: PBS Agency: Fallon/Minneapolis CD: David Lubars GCD: Bruce Bildsten CW: Mike Gibbs AD: Gerard Caputo Agency Producers: Mark Sitley, Tom Anderson Directors: Francois Girard ("Birds") Alfonso Cuaron( "Fish")/Independent Media Editors: Stephen Jess, John Smith/Whitehouse, London/N.Y. Effects: The Mill, London Music: Jeff Layton/Jeff Layton Music Sound Design: Marc Altshuler/Human, Carl White/Brahmstedt White Noise

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