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Despite their image as hard-charging risk takers, stock traders are creatures of habit. Getting them to change their stock platform isn't easy, but Fallon/Minneapolis rises to the challenge with three new spots for alternative exchange Archipelago, conceived and directed by Scott Vincent and aimed at getting traders to "Let go of old habits," as the tagline puts it. These habits include a grown man who sucks his thumb while clutching a security blanket; another who crawls into bed with Mom and Dad when scared; and yet another who's breast fed by his mother in a food court. Casting for this last spot was a hoot, says Vincent. "We had to kind of ease the actors into it. We'd tell the guys, 'You're kind of cranky, you get hungry and, uh, then Mom unbuttons her blouse and you breast feed from her in a food court." While none of the women had a problem with it, "some of the guys got a little squeamish." If this seems a bit far afield for the stock market, the idea is to be as outrageous as possible. "Most trading floors have the sound down on the TV," explains Vincent. "The goal is to get them to run over and turn the sound up."

Client: Archipelago Agency: Fallon/Minneapolis ECD: David Lubars CDs: Bob Moore, Scott Vincent AD: Bobby Appleby CW: Xenia Rutherford Agency Producer: Jenny Gadd Malmstrom Director: Scott Vincent/Hungry Man Editor: Erik Carlson/The Assembly Line Post/Sound Design: Steve Medin/Crash & Sue, Carl White/Echo Boys

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