Forest Deflower

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A bunch of Papua New Guinea-type tribesman are sitting around in the rain forest talking either in their native tongue or in gibberish, with subtitles, about a flying demon god that will show them the true path, but, above all, he comes to take their virgins. Then cut to the usual game screens for something called Jet X20, which looks like just another jet ski game, but whatever. The casting session must've been something else. According to CD Jerry gentile,"To stay with our strategy of blurring the lines between living in your world and playing in ours, we went to the jungles in South America to do a Discovery Channel/PBS/History Channel/National Geographic documentary spoof."

Client: Sony Playstation 2 Agency: TBWAChiatDayLos Angeles CD: Jerry Gentile Creatives: Erich Funke, Doug James Agency Producer: Eric Voegele Director: Neil Harris/Smuggler Editor: Stacy LeVan/Whitehouse

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