The Fourth Wall Crumbles

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Deutsch pulls a filmic fast one in a campaign directed solely at DirecTV subscribers, in an effort to get them to buy Blockbuster PPV movies off their dish. Scenes from Karate Kid, Animal House and Airplane are presented, when a character suddenly addresses the camera to lecture viewers on the sins of watching the same old movies again and again. In the case of Karate Kid and Airplane, Pat Morita and Leslie Nielsen were hauled in to read their new lines and matched cleverly into the familiar action. "Hopefully, we nailed the sarcasm of Leslie Neilsen, the unearthly patience of Pat Morita and the immortality of John Belushi," says ACD Michael Kadin. In the case of the two living actors, "telling them they're pop culture icons and paying them cold hard cash never hurts."

Client: DirecTv Agency: Deutsch/L.A. CD: Eric Hirshberg ACD/CWs: Eric Springer, Mark Musto ACD/ADs: Mike Bryce, Michael Kadin Agency Producer: Candace Bowes Director: Chris Hooper/Bob Industries Editor: Lucas Eskin/Mad River Post Music: Admusic

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