Fresh Licks

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Timex has a new MP3 system and The Sloan Group has a two-ad print effort to go with it, shot by none other than design whiz Todd Oldham. Simply eliminating the opening "it" of "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking," revitalizes a classic slogan and allows the line to "reference the hero in the ads," says Sloan CD Wyndy Wilder. The visual formula "is a mixture of wit, style and sexiness - three attributes that are essential to reaching the male teen-to-young adult market," she adds. And for a bizarrely self-reflexive touch, each guy in the ad is holding a magazine showing the other ad. Slick!

Client: Timex Agency: The Sloan Group CCO: Cliff Sloan CD/AD: Wyndy Wilder Photographer: Todd Oldham

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