Fresh Pepper

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After the triumph of his TCM spots, Jim Jenkins has gone on to bigger challenges, like Diet Dr Pepper - hardly a client with a great comedy rep. But to illustrate the less than thrilling notion that "Not everything can be as good as the original, but Diet Dr Pepper is," Jenkins has shot an excruciatingly nasty-funny spot in which two homely people run toward each other on the beach in a slo-mo, flab-jiggling 10 parody -hey, another classic movie! - only to flee when they get close enough to see the truth. As for the puzzling Diet Dr Pepper tag, "Tastes more like regular Dr Pepper" - tastes more like regular Dr Pepper than what? Battery acid?

Client: Diet Dr Pepper Agency: Y&R/N.Y. CCO: Jim Ferguson AD: Jordan Atlas CW: Jeff Maerov Agency Producer: Matthew Anderson Director: Jim Jenkins/Hungry Man Editor: Eric Pomert/Mackenzie Cutler Effects: The Mill Music: They Might Be Giants

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