Front Row Seat

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Cingular has a new cinema spot. We're in a movie theater. A cell phone rings, a guy says "Hello? Oh, hey-" and he's catapulted off the screen like he was a moron shot out of a cannon, nearly impaled on the Eiffel Tower. The audience applauds. Super: "Cell phone ejector seats. Coming to a theater near you." This is not just funny, it's such a beautiful sentiment. We can only hope he didn't damage the screen. In fact, now that we think of it, as he hits the screen he looks a lot like Cingular's logo. Now, that's branding.

Client: Cingular Agency: BBDO South GCD: Jeff Nixon CW: Matt Ledoux AD: Lee Dayvault Agency Producers: Kathy Adkins, Jennifer Bertoni Director: Tom Schiller/Coppos Films Editing/Effects: Riot/Atlanta Sound Design: Greg Crawford

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