Globe Theater

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After the collapse of Chicago's Leap Partnership last fall, a handful of veterans resurfaced as a multimedia agency called The Royal Order of Experience Design. Now the Order is out with a curiously politically incorrect ad for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, picturing a globe that redraws the map of the U.S. as if America had lost its foreign wars. The Empire of Japan replaces the West Coast; the USSR and Iraq share the Midwest; New Germany reigns in the East; and Cuba is Florida. "It gives you one of those delayed responses," says founder Dave Metcalf, a former CD on Leap's Michelob account. "A lot of people glance at it and don't realize anything is out of the ordinary. Then they look closer and think, 'Whoa.' " A second execution lists the beginning and end dates of various wars. The final line reads, "War Against Terror, Sept. 11, 2001 - " Another eye-catching campaign from the Order, for a local used car dealer, doesn't sugarcoat the product. Above photos of old clunkers are headlines like, "Some of our cars come with a built-in anti-theft system. Their design"; and "Test your manhood. See if you can pick up a girl in this." The tagline boasts that the cars are "still as ugly as the day they came off the assembly line."

Client: Country Classic Cars/Veterans of Foreign Wars Agency: The Royal Order CD/AD/CWs: Vince Cook, Dave Metcalf, Peter Zaph

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