From gravy to grave

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From the wacky world of Brit packaged goods advertising comes a campaign for something called Bisto gravy that must be making the UPS "Brown" brainstormers green with envy. Headline: "Think before you eat it all." A helpful press release explains that these people were murdered by friends and relatives who didn't get a chance at the gravy. Oh. We thought the victims committed suicide after particularly nasty diarrhetic episodes. How in the name of all that's holy did this ever see the light of day? Saatchi AD Mike Long explains that "this is not the usual tone of ads the client runs. It was launched on a small scale to try to attract a new and much younger audience to use Bisto gravy." This project, Long informs us, is designed to specifically target students, and it runs in a National Union of Students magazine that's distributed at U.K. universities. "The brand has always been conventional and targeted toward a much older age group, but the product is now facing tough competition from its competitors and is being seen increasingly as old and diseased," Long adds. Diseased? This'll solve that problem!

Client: RHM Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi/London CD: David Droga AD: Mike Long CW: Anna Toosey Photographer: Alan Powdrill

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