Grillin' and Chillin'

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With a slogan like "The world keeps changing. We don't," California restaurant chain the Daily Grill can get away with really cheap animation in its spots; and just really cheap animation, thank you. No food shots of any sort, praise be to the enlightened client. In one spot, a guy talks up his preposterous pec implants to a clearly dubious woman, while in another a poor sap has an automated medical examination over the phone, via the usual "Please press 1 . . " menu. The scenarios don't even have anything to do with food. Astoundingly refreshing!

Client: Daily Grill Agency: WongDoody, L.A. CD: Tracy Wong CWs: Jeff Bossin, Tor Myhren AD: Eric Goldstein Illustrators: Eric Goldstein, Joel Fajnor Agency Producer: Brian O'Rourke Director: Dave Foss/Force Extreme Animation Editor: Kelly Vander Linda/Slice Editorial Sound Design: Stephen Dickson/POP Sound

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