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FedEx, "Oz"

Agency: BBDO/New York Director: Joe Pytka, Pytka

Heil: I applaud any creative team that gets to a point where they say, "Hey, what if the Wizard of Oz Munchkins were singing that lollipop song and then their voices start getting deep and then a FedEx truck falls out of the sky and delivers helium balloons that the Munchkins suck on to save their voices?" Even so, the impression it left was a bit more big technique/big editing than big idea.

Dweck: Singing Oz Munchkins losing their voice get balloons delivered by FedEx so they can suck helium and sing more. I have no idea what the creators went through, internally and/or externally, before they got here. For me this spot is not intrusive, relevant or funny. But this review thing is calling me Kahuna or something, right? That's odd, because I am 50 percent Hawaiian. Seriously, I really am. And I am lucky.

Pacific Sunwear, "Skater"

Agency: Bates/New York Director: Patrick Solomon, Fusion Films

Heil: Typical quick cuts of extreme skateboarders with a couple of minor wipeouts and a shot of an elbow scab thrown in. There's extreme music, too. After all, this is an extreme sport. The super, "Clothes are your armor," closes the spot. I don't buy it. These are baggy shorts, not motorcycle jackets. Must just be an image ad. But then, why confuse it with the armor line?

Dweck: Kids are skating and skateboarding and they are very fast and they are not in color. Remember the end of Good Will Hunting, when the therapist guy finally breaks through to the punk savant by repeatedly telling the sobbing kid that "It's not your fault. It's not your fault."? You might well ask, Is this commercial miki'o? Or minamina? No, and I agree. But Ahahana? Shame on they who would create? No, there is no shame here today. It is not their fault. Big Island people are gentle and forgiving, and shame is not our way.

Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch, "Haircut"

Agency: J. Walter Thompson/New York Director: Peter Darley Miller, Stiefel & Co.

Heil: Scraggly longhaired male cuts off his tresses in order to hunch over a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch. First off, hail to the account/creative team. They must have a mean sales streak to have gotten this through Kellogg's. From the casting, to the set, to the music, it's extremely fresh for the category. Too bad the dude, the film and the lighting leave the cereal looking less than appetizing.

Dweck: A super cool young MTV guy, which is to say a super uncool young MTV guy, is forced to cut his long hair so he can eat his Raisin Bran. This would not be a spot we would show to any of our clients. But a lot of kids in Hawaii are starting to appreciate Don Ho again. Now when I was growing up, Mr. Ho was known for his snappy humor, his smokes, his scotches, his Kupaianha with the women (Mr. Ho got around). All blossoms fade, true, but Mr. Ho still sings sweetly as the hinano. That's because Don Ho is pono. Don Ho is at peace. May these Raisin Bran folks be pono too.

Skyy Vodka, "Riviera Rendezvous"

Agency: Lambesis, Del Mar, Calif. Photographer: Moshe Brakha

Heil: The ad: Guy with a Viagra high. Girl with enough silicone to float the Titanic. The creative brief: Empty, save for the word sex (just guessing). While it might work for a spring break male that wants to make a giant leap from nickel taps to vodka martinis, it lies flat for me.

Dweck: I grew up on the Big Island, in Kalapana. It was an isolated, often primitive childhood. But the hala leaves. The nahenahe water. The shining half-monkey boys shimmying up to pick the ready coconuts from faithful niu moe o Kalapana. I am kanaka maoli, and this poster makes me feel every bit of that. Drinking is partying, and this party is Ku ka paila, all fun and sexy ways. Closer examination of the fellow's crotch reveals he too feels the party. Ikaika ka iwi.

Incite Magazine, "Date"

Agency: McCann-Erickson/A&L, San Francisco Director: Mark Story, Crossroads Films

Heil: Mailman delivers Incite to guy. Girl's turned off to discover guy's a gamer (despite mailman's reassurance that gamers have big joysticks). Hard to believe, isn't it? Anyhow, girl ditches guy. Guy couldn't care less cuz he's got his new Incite. It does a good job of showing Incite's level of importance. And the mailman is informative, nerdy and likable at the same time.

Dweck: My values come from my family, and though our ways are very old, we are strong as the sea oak. Our kupana traveled over thousands of miles of open ocean to prepare and settle the new lands. We all pray to our own gods, and I believe they always answer our prayers. Sadly, sometimes the answer is no. I am sorry to say that I can't discuss this spot. I've watched it six times, and I'm sorry, but I cannot discuss it. Aloha.

Michael Dweck is chairman and creative director of Dweck Advertising, New York.

Desiree Heil is a copywriter at Bozell Kamstra, Minneapolis.

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