The Hangin' Blues

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If you've got a two-bit poster campaign that can top these "Really Depressing Blues" beauts for a Texas blues bar, we want to see it. "We've been going to the bar for years," explains Ackerman McQueen AD Braden Bickle. "The owner, Doug Henry, knew we were in advertising and always said, 'You've gotta do some ads for me sometime.' So we did. He's an extremely cool person, but we were amazed that he had no problem with the concept. He instantly fell head-over-heels in love with it." Moreover, Bickle has suffered for his commerce. "The hanging man is me," he says. "I was the lightest one and I volunteered to do it. As a result, I spent almost four months in physical therapy because I lost the feeling in my arms from shoulders to fingers. For a couple of weeks I couldn't use either hand or arm at all - a very scary situation that eventually turned out fine." If you've got an ad story that can top that, we want to hear it.

Client: The Blue Cat Blues Bar Agency: Ackerman McQueen/Dallas CD: David Lipson AD: Braden Bickle CW: Travis E. Staut Photographer: Scott Harben Illustrator: Greg Wolverton

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