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Recovery testimonials for hospitals are usually a cue to lunge for the mute button, but these home video spots cut through the saccharine clutter. In this campaign for the Saint Thomas Heart Institute in Nashville, heart transplant recipients film and narrate moments from their post-transplant lives. Though the sentiments express their gratitude and renewed joy for living, they are not sticky-sweet. One man marvels at the snow falling in Tennessee; a woman tries to assemble her colleagues and describe her life at work. In one spot, a man at a driving range explains that he really loves golf. "I could use this film just to practice by," he muses. "So when you all get through with this thing, give it back to me so I can analyze these strokes and see what I'm doing here."

Client: Saint Thomas Heart Institute Agency: Endres & Wilson, Nashville CD/CW: Kevin Endres AD: Richard Page Producer: Linda Tesa-Olken Editor: Jeff Kesler, Rocket Pictures, Seattle Postproduction: Stage Post

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