Don't Try This At Home

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The Brit crime actioner The Getaway has been hailed as one of the new generation of videogames that boasts a plot so richly detailed it's like being in a movie. The :60 supporting the game, a spot called "Trafalgar," is like being in a richly detailed reality TV series. Shot on video in the streets of London, it purports to offer a real-life representation of the action in the videogame, and it pays off handsomely in the first few seconds, as we see a woman standing in the road next to a car; as she steps away, an overturned car appears out of nowhere, slamming into the spot she's just vacated. TBWAChiatDay assures us this is not a trick, but a carefully rehearsed and very dangerous real-time stunt. Nothing else in the spot, which features some minor car smackups and a lot of frantic editing and COPS-style running with the camera, can match this scene, but we're still rather impressed with the entire concept.

Client: Playstation The Getaway Agency: TBWAChiatDayL.A. CD: Jerry Gentile AD: Lew Willig CW: Scott Duchon Agency Producer: Will St. Clair Director: James Brown/Smuggler Editor: Rick Lawley/The Whitehouse Sound Design: Stephen Dewey/Machine Head

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