Hot Copy

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While most hot sauce ads promise to destroy your tongue, a small Arizona saucier focuses on the company itself, with tongue firmly in cheek. With the tagline, "It takes a complex company to make a complex sauce," three unsually copy-intensive ads, from Colorado-based McClain Finlon, parody large, complicated companies that turn out bland, simple sauces.The headlines seen here read: "Disregarding the management layers, executive subcommittees, focus groups and testing, our approval process is pretty simple: agree with the President, lie to Distribution, and secretly undermine anyone who says no"; and "Our Junior VP of Marketing got promoted over our Senior VP of Marketing. Our Senior VP of Marketing got demoted to Junior VP of Operations. Just when management starts to look stable, our CEO announces he has a nephew." McClain didn't have far to look for entertaining models; the "nephew" pictured is actually McClain's receptionist, and the hefty guy in the other ad is a McClain client.

Client: Spark Sauce International Agency: McClain Finlon Advertising CD: Tom Leydon AD: Steve Whittier CW: Eric Liebhauser

Photographer: Don Riley

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