Hot Dawg

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Among a rather ho-hum set of :15s for French's new flavored mustards is an erotic gem: Two perfectly ordinary white-collar guys are sitting at a lunch counter. One guy gets French's sweet onion mustard on his face. A nearby hottie is so overcome by the condiment, she kisses it off the stranger's cheek, then wipes the wet spot with her hand, licks her fingers and flees. The guy, of course, is pleasantly stunned - in real life this would make his week, if not his month. If it were a European spot, the mustard would no doubt be on his lips and she might even scour his palate for good measure. But by U.S. packaged-goods standards, this is anonymous sex, and it rocks. It even gives the rote tagline, "Nothing cuts the mustard like French's," a risque edge.

Client: French's Mustard Agency: Euro RSCG MVBMS CD/AD: Rocky Pi -- a CW: Bill Lawrie Agency Producer: Christina DeLouise

Director: Gary McKendry/Go Film Editor: Steve Bell, Berwyn Editorial

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