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This spot is certainly newsy - it marks the kickoff of the big, new North American Ikea "Unboring" campaign, from hotshop CP+B, and a rare commercials appearance from Mr. In-Demand himself, Spike Jonze. But in a strangely underwhelming effort, all we get is a woman throwing out a perfectly good lamp, and some soaking Swede standing in the rain (doesn't Ikea carry umbrellas?) telling us we're "crazy" to worry about it because lamps don't have feelings and the new one is "much better." We'll admit, lamps at Ikea are cool, plentiful and cheap enough, but if they don't have feelings, why do they all have names? At any rate, the reason we're all crazy, Ingmar, is because we've been trying to assemble your damn furniture.

Client: Ikea Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky/Miami CD: Alex Bogusky ACD: Paul Keister CW: Ari Merkin AD: Mark Taylor Agency Producer: Rupert Samuel Director: Spike Jonze/MJZ Editor: Spot Welders

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