I Love/Hate New York

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From the rubble of September 11, a new advertising category has been born. "Rebuild New York" campaigns have been spotted throughout the city and on the air, tugging at our hearts (Ogilvy's "Open for Business," for American Express) or making us laugh (BBDO's "Miracle" work). This campaign, from Kirshenbaum, Bond & Partners, strikes a nice balance, urging New Yorkers to keep on keeping on with all their usual bizarre behavior. A fourth execution reads: "Order takeout every night. Don't use a pooper scooper. Steal someone else's cab." Though the campaign is sponsored by the Downtown Alliance, we can personally testify to the fact that all this endearing urban weirdness continues unabated in Midtown, too.

Client: Downtown Alliance Agency: Kirshenbaum, Bond & Partners ECDs: Rob Feakins, Logan Wilmont CWs: David Black, Eric Pfleeger AD/Illustrator: Joe Doucet

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