I Got Skew, Babe

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"Jim has a problem," announces a deadpan voiceover. Jim is a middle-aged man riding his lawnmower around his yard. Suddenly he drives himself through a picket fence and onto his neighbor's property. "Jim goes to the right," explains the VO, and we see Jim in his office hallway, crashing into the wall. This problem also affects Jim's golf performance, but once Ping outfits him with the right equipment, he achieves his goal: "Straightness." Other spots show golfers in need of power (a man who is unable to lift the refill jug for his water cooler) and accuracy (a guy who can't even get his milk into his cereal without drenching the whole table).

The Civil Sports Society

As this Adidas spot opens, locals in a train station marvel over rugby star Jonah Lomu and his team, the All Blacks, who have revolutionized customer service. They toss bags to one another over people's heads, protect doddering elders, and help a lost child find his mother by grabbing the kid and sprinting through the crowd with him. "I wouldn't mind giving him a rugby tackle," says one woman of Lomu. "Adidas makes you better," reads the tagline. In other offbeat sports-star spots, Martina Hingis relieves a traffic jam by playing tennis in the middle of a busy intersection and directing motorists with her racket, and Sergio Garcia drives roses instead of golf balls through a grateful town.

The Dogfather

The best kind of friend is the kind that doesn't nitpick over all your minor flaws, like, say, homicidal tendencies. In this spot for Companion Animal Placement, a guy and his happy pup drive into the desert, where the owner stops the car and opens the trunk. We can tell from the hirsute fingers and large pinky ring that the cargo is a dead mobster. Until he moves his hairy paw and reveals himself to be a not-quite-dead mobster. The pet lover grabs a baseball bat to finish off the job and then some, throwing the body into a shallow grave. While some of his lesser friends might turn up their noses at this kind of behavior, not so his devoted terrier. "That's the thing about pets," reads the super. "They really don't care."

Client: Companion Animal Placement Agency: Suburban, New York CD: Eric Aronin CW: Eric Aronin/Jim Jenkins AD: Dave Laden Director: Jim Jenkins Production Company: Hungry Man

Client: Adidas International Agency: 180 Amsterdam CD/CW: Lorenzo de Rita AD: Dean Maryon Agency Producer: Esther Hielckert Director: Laurence Dumore Production Company: RSA Films Editor: John Smith/Jim Weedon, The Whitehouse

Ping Agency: The Martin Agency CD: Joe Alexander CW: Joe Lawson AD: Sean Riley Director: Traktor Editor: Dick Gordon, Mad River Editorial

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