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No, it's not Trainspotting for Yuppies, it's a new campaign for Kafein, a Chicago coffeeshop. The posters, themed "Get your fix," display a kind of hypnagogic confusion, where coffee percolates into a syringe, a lighter warms an espresso, and a razor blade chops java lines on a mirror. One hundred percent Colombian, indeed.

Client: Kafein Cafe and Espresso Bar Agency: BBDO After Dark AD/CD: Dolph Kawalec CW/CD: Dave Kwasnick Photographer: Chris Cassidy Digital Artist: Bob Scheffler, Fineline Studio

Kilroy's still here

The PlayStation Army Men series may not get raves from most gamers, but the ads can't be beat, especially this latest homage to Betty Grable-era gals. Lucky thing he hasn't got a cell phone.

Client: The 3DO Company Agency: Keane Advertising CD: Dave Keane, Christine Keane CW: Dave Keane AD: Luie Lopez Photographer: Chris Ayers (soldier), stock (women)

Sick transit gloria

A rather plain woman climbs onto a city bus, takes her seat and looks wearily out the window. She finds, to her surprise, that the men along the route are clamoring for her attention - blowing kisses, waving, gazing longingly. She descends (now sheepishly happy) from the bus, and as it pulls away, we get the view that incited the widespread lust. The woman's head was positioned in the window so that her face was aligned perfectly with an ad picturing the toned torso of a leggy model clad only in her underwear and Nur Die stockings. The closing voiceover is in German, but the lusty message is universal.

Client: Nur Die Agency: Jung von Matt an der Isar, Munich CD: Bettina Olf/Oliver Voss AD: Bettina Olf CW: Cornelia Blasy Production: Tempomedia, Ralf Schipper/Marc Hartmann Director: Olivier Venturini Camera: Jean-Paul Seresin

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