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What's the best thing on the menu at Dunkin' Donuts? Could be the comedy. In the latest perfectly executed laugh fest, from Hill, Holliday/Boston, we meet a teary mother and a blas‚ father standing before an idling station wagon, discharging their freshman son. The emotional mother embraces the kid, the father manfully shrugs his shoulders and the parents pull away from the curb. The budding collegian turns to his mountain of belongings when he realizes that he left his coffee on top of the car. He starts running down the street, screaming and begging his parents to stop. We watch his angst through the rear-view mirror as his mother, heartbroken, sobs and waves her tissue at him. The exasperated father grumbles at his son's histrionics. "He'll be fine!" he says.

Client: Dunkin' Donuts Agency: Hill, Holliday/Boston CDs: Marty Donahue/Tim Foley AD: Kevin Daley CW: Chuck Pagano Agency Producer: Gino Visco Director: Frank Todaro Production Co: Radical Media Editor: Dick Gordon, Mad River Post Music: Elias

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