Keepin' it real

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Besides the fact that these chicks have unusually great legs for an ad, there's something about the full-figure, sort of midgroundish, wide-angly, relaxed, studio-but-not-quite studio photography in Kmart's current "Stuff of Life" print work that begs our attention. And that something, of course, is the man behind the camera - Platon - whose real-people shooting style, best exemplified in the Motorola "Moto" campaign (see Creativity, Photography, July/August) can do wonders in the frequently prosaic world of retail print, as well. Chiat art director Bill Montgomery says the goal was to "catch those casual, 'in-between' moments when there's an authentic interaction between people."

Client: Kmart Agency: TBWAChiatDayNew York CDs: Patrick O'Neill, Dallas Itzen, David Lowe ADs: Bill Montgomery, Andrew Golomb CWs: John Patroulis, Gail Barlow Photographer: Platon

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