Kohler Co., Omnicom Group's GSD&M, Austin, Texas

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A woman in her Saab convertible spots her guy walking on the way home. Their eyes meet. The race is on. He begins peeling off his clothes as he takes the shortcut through neighbors' yards while she squeals out, one hand on the wheel, the other also removing clothing. The male in the relationship proves quicker, latching the door of their suburban home behind him. No, it's not what you think. He is next seen in the buff before their home's Kohler WaterHaven ShowerTower as she is foiled at the latched door, "It's my turn, you son of a ..."

Group creative directors: David Crawford, Jeremy Postaer

Art director: Lynn Sarnow

Copywriter: Russell Lambrecht

Producer: Khrisana Edwards

Production co.: Partizan, New York

Director: Dominic Murphy

Editorial co.: 501 Post, Austin, Texas

Editor: Angelo Valencia

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