Laugh Hunt

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How can John West and Leo Burnett top the insanely inspired "Bear Fight" salmon spot of some two years ago? They can't. They may never top it, not even for tuna. But this Jacques Cousteau parody, in which the fish seeker emerges from within a living shark, is a game try. The bit where his boot is stuck in the shark's mouth, then he hoses down his catch, is nice, though we have no idea why the tuna is the size of a salmon. Do the British only eat tiny tuna? Must be their teeth. Who knew? Whatever, this Jaws ain't no Grizzly.

Client: John West tuna Agency: Leo Burnett/London ECD: Nick Bell CDs: Sam Larsson, Ulf Johnasson CW: Martin Lorraine AD: Steve Jones Agency Producers: Graeme Light, Lucy McMahon Director:Traktor/Partizan Editor: Rick Russel/Final Cut

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