Lava Lampoon

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Another atmospheric filmic extravaganza from Guinness, this time involving a spewing volcano that threatens the local pub. This local pub is presumably in Greece, if the Zorba-esque music is any clue, where Guinness is, for some reason, the liquid franca. At any rate, people run around shouting in subtitles, as we get quirky foreign film-drenched quick cuts of a boar eating cake, an old man in a bathtub, and a fat woman in her undies trying to save her laundry. Our hero inexplicably removes his boots in order to firewalk his way to a pair of pints. This has been anticipated, however, by the tag: "Believe."

Client: Guinness Agency: AMV BBDO/London CW: Tony Strong AD: Mike Durban Agency Producer: Yvonne Chalkley Director: Rupert Sanders/Outsider U.K/Omaha, U.S. Editor: Neil Smith/Whitehouse, London Visual Effects: Antony Walsham/The Mill, London

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