The Law of Maw

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For a Danish DIY store called Rad & Dad comes a completely clutterbusting sight gag-driven concept, directed by Martin Werner of the Copenhagen-based directing consortium called Bacon. We see various men making inept home repairs, which result in major power failures, collapsed ceilings, toppled cabinetry and the like; as each mishap occurs an agonized bellowing is heard, then we're startled by the sight of a giant gaping mouth on legs and the super, "Avoid howlers." Those bigger-than-life tonsils are unforgettable.

Client: Rad & Dad Agency: Grey Aarhus, Denmark Creatives: Thomas Falkenberg, Rasmus Dunvad, Ulrik June Agency Producer: Jan P. Director: Martin Werner/Bacon Editor: Niels Thornberg/Sonne, Copenhagen

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