The Lazarus Touch

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"Be kind - rewind" takes on added significance in Hollywood Video's "Resurrection" spot, from the hee-hee men of Freeman. We're at a funeral, with the deceased in an open casket and his son in the middle of a eulogy when a Hollywood clerk strides down the aisle, claps his hands a few times . . . and the befuddled dead man lives again! For a few days, at least. "We give you more time" is the slogan - Hollywood Video is offering five days on all DVD rentals. There's no mention of what the late-return penalty is, but we bet it's pretty damn hellish.

Client: Hollywood Video Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners CDs: Cliff Freeman, Arthur Bijur ACD/CW: Adam Chasnow AD: Guy Shelmerdine Agency Producers: Clair Grupp, Katherine Cheng Director: Noam Murro/Biscuit Filmworks Editor: Owen Plotkin/Editing Concepts

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