Leader of the Pack

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Judging by the graphic elan of this new print campaign, today's Cub Scouts must really rock. "The look sort of fell out of the need to attract the attention of hyperactive 7-year-olds, since the posters are hanging in schools - photography didn't really seem appropriate," explains Carmichael Lynch's James Clunie. "It translates pretty well to outdoor mediums like bus sides and bus shelters, too. I based the characters loosely on the little cylindrical Playskool guys that kids used to have, but maybe with a little more personality. All of the faces and the hat are comprised of circles, parentheses and the letter C. In short, they're designed to make little kids raised on a steady diet of cartoons ask, 'Hey Mom, what the heck is that?!' " Dude, you've earned your Juvenile Design merit badge.

Client: Boy Scouts of America Agency: Carmichael Lynch AD/Illustrator: James Clunie Copywriter: Tim Cawley

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