Legume Lite

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It started as a spec spot, then the client bought it and it's reputedly aired somewhere in the Midwest. As well it should, 'cause it's a great concept, from a tiny Chicago shop called Flapjack. A kid is driving erratically at night, and he's pulled over by a cop. He proceeds to fail all the usual sobriety tests, then, to his dismay, registers a flat zero on the Breathalyzer. He finally gets a stern lecture from the cop, to the effect that Beer Nuts, of which he's eaten about a thousand, the packets littering his car like beer cans, contains no alcohol. Tag: "Snack responsibly."

Client: Beer Nuts Agency: Flapjack CDs: Vince Cook, Gerald Mortensen Director: Rent Sidon/Public Domain Editor: Nicholas Erasmus/Superior Assembly

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