Lime Icky

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We had to include a cute Halloween spot, and this Corona slasher-flick parody fits the bill nicely. It starts out like the usual tropical Corona fare, then there's Psycho music and a knife-wielding maniac seen in silhouette, hacking at something. Turns out he's carved a jack-o'-lantern face on a lime. So what's up with that thick, sticky ooze that passes for the "blood" of a lime? Director Peter Nydrle isn't telling. He notes via e-mail that "it's top secrete." Oy.

Client: Corona Agency: Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago ECD: Marshall Ross CD: Bob Volkman CWs: Bill Rogers, Larry Liss ADs: David Yang, Diana Morison Agency Producer: Steve Citrin Director: Peter Nydrle/Nydrle Inc. Editor: Liz Tate/Avenue Edit Music: Steve Ford Music

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