Doing Lines

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Here's a new wrinkle for the videogame category. This spot, called "Poles," for NFL Gameday for the PS2, isn't wacky, violent or funny; it's just wondrously clever, in a sort of homey Spielbergian way. Two kids drop their bikes to watch in awe as a succession of footballs shoot along power lines like beads on a giant abacus, increasing in speed and frequency with each passing second. The kicker: the game can now be played online. This might even pass muster with Joe Lieberman. Nah.

Client: Sony Playstation Agency: TBWAChiatDayL.A. CD: Jerry Gentile, Lew Willig AD: Doug Makai CW: Brett Craig Agency Producers: Lorraine Kraus, Elizabeth Giersbrook Director: Doug Liman/Independent Editors: Dan Bootzin/Venice Beach Editorial, Paul Martinez/Lost Planet Effects: Ring of Fire Music: Gil Talmi, Paul Rhim, John Mooney/Face the Music

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