Marketing Pre-101

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The print is nothing to write home about, but the TV campaign for the "new," Viacom-enhanced TNN is one of those performance-driven comic mini-epics, starring Dan Saltzman, the sideburned lad whose face was immortalized in one of the "What's the Worst That Can Happen?" British Dr Pepper spots of last year. Here he plays a hopeless slacker who's trying to make it as a TNN marketing guy, working with his straight-man mentor, played by Adam Kulbersh. Saltzman does shtick with a cell phone, a laser pointer and a Pamela Anderson cutout, but it's all low key - the kind of subtly underplayed idiocy that Hungry Man has teased into a fine art.

Client: TNN Agency: Union, New York CDs: Randy Van Kleeck, Matt Aselton, Allen Broce Director: Bennett Miller/Hungry Man Editors: Chuck Willis, Karen Kourtessis/Crew Cuts Effects: Quiet Man

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