The Midas Clutch

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Remember all that post-9/11 hand-wringing about the decline of nasty ad comedy? Neither do the maniacs at Cliff Freeman. Witness the new, extremely unmuffled Midas campaign, which features a watery car plunge, dismemberment and, even more horrific, geriatric toplessness. One spot features an old lady getting the word about Midas' lifetime guarantee at the counter. "Lifetime guarantee?" she cackles. Then she peels her dress to her waist, apparently well beyond the niceties of a bra. "What can you do with these?" The Midas guy looks positively stricken. Another spot takes us to the set of a short-lived Midas kid's show, starring a freon-frigid character called Mr. AC, who's entertaining a studio full of tykes. "Mr. AC is very cold," he chatters. Then his arm falls off, the hand still twitching. A third outrage has a guy taking his car for a spin after it's been Midasized. "Hey, this runs great!" he exults. "Let's jump the bridge." "But we're in a Yugo!" his passenger screams. The car lands upside down in a muddy creek, and we don't get the heretofore requisite shot showing the guys are really OK. The action cuts back to the announcer and the accident victims are forgotten. Rock on, Cliff.

Client: Midas Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners CD: Eric Silver CW: William Gelner AD: Jason Gaboriau Agency Producer: Ed Zazzera Director: Paul Gay/Omaha Editors: Dave Koza, Gavin Cutler/MacKenzie Cutler

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