Mission to Munch

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From Down Under comes a spot about Out There - Mars (the planet). On behalf of Mars' (the candy company) Earth Bar, we watch a bunch of humanoid aliens cavorting in a pool, with a vivid Earth, along with some other orb, hanging in the background. Gravity's different up there, but the chicks are still cute. Tag: "What you'd eat if you lived on Mars." Yeah, you just kind of hurl it down your throat like it was a goldfish in a fraternity hazing, but what the hell, they're aliens.

Client: Mars (Australia) Agency: D'Arcy/Melbourne CD: Mark Collis Creatives: Linda Honan, Hilary Badger Agency Producer: Simon O'Connor Director: Joel Pront/Silverscreen Productions, Sydney Editor: Drew Thompson/Guillotine, Sydney Effects: Fin, Sydney

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