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"Grab life by the horns" is the latest Dodge slogan, and Pentamark has grabbed comedy by the horns, in the person of Hungry Man's mullah of mirth, Bryan Buckley. One new spot opens on a dusty plain where a grungy Atlas is straining with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Up streaks a Dodge pickup, and the laid-back dude at the wheel says, "Hey buddy, want a hand with that?" Atlas drops the oversized globe into the flatbed and climbs into the cab. "Whew, what's that?" says the driver. "You can put your arms down, you know." Another spot has a traffic cop nabbing a guy for driving in the carpool lane sans passenger - his attempt at a passenger being a ventriloquist's dummy. He's about to let the guy off the hook when the dummy starts acting up. "Nice boots," it squeaks. "I didn't know they made those for men!" The wooden wiseguy won't shut up, and the enraged cop writes a few tickets for the poor driver - though we can't help noticing, those are rather feminine boots.

Client: Dodge Agency: Pentamark CD: Bill Morden ADs: Don DiFilippo/Tim Teegarden CWs: John Curtis/Terry Ayrault Agency Producers: Mike Menlo/Marie Schroeder Director: Bryan Buckley Production Co: Hungry Man Editor: Gordon Carey, FilmCore Music: AdMusic

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