Nasal Disaster

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This cheapo late-night spot for a local watering hole was too hot for Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago. When agency honchos got a whiff of it, they instructed writer Michael Herlehy to strike the agency's name from the credits. "Something about sexual harassment," he shrugs. A way hot blonde in a short skirt leaves her office for the night, hips swinging. The hopeless geek from the next cube checks that the coast is clear, then rushes over to ecstatically inhale her still-warm chair. Meanwhile, the babe has forgotten something and returns to find him kneeling at her altar. She may as well have punched him in his quivering nose for the look of disgust she lays on him. The spot closes on the bar's logo and the tag: "There's a better way to meet women. " There's also a better way to sniff seat - that's why they're on wheels.

Client: The Pub Agency: Tom, Dick & Harry Headquarters CD: Bob Volkman AD: David Yang CW: Michael Herlehy Director: Ted Jenkins/Orange Films Editor: Jeff Nolan/Avenue Edit

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