Nerd Up!

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Altoids has a sour spinoff, driven by the elaborate website, which in turn is driven by another round of irresistible print. Are these real people? Yes, indeed, says Leo Burnett CD/writer G. Andrew Meyer. "We cast real kids off the street and sort of accentuated their natural geek beauty. The girl came in as a hip, contemporary, popular kid and was transformed into first-chair clarinet, circa 1974. The boy with the afro is for real. His hair is unretouched. He is a stone cold player. Altoids is a brand that can get away with, and get credit for, portraying the inverse of the stereotypical 'cool kid' crapola that other brands peddle. It's a brand that embraces nerd chic."

Client: Altoids Agency: Leo Burnett ECDs: Steffan Postaer, Mark Faulkner CD: Noel Haan, G. Andrew Meyer AD: Noel Haan CW: G. Andrew Meyer Photographer: Tony D'Orio

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