News You Can Abuse Text: Heineken's new "News Clippings" print campaign clearly owes a debt to The Onion, but that's fine. The Age of Appropriation dawned many, many years ago, and as long as the work is engaging, it's our contention that originality, if such a thing even exists anymore, especially in advertising, can be highly overrated. And at least they're not doing the usual PG-rated imbecilic babe routine. The fact that it runs in laddie books notwithstanding, "This is a campaign that respects the consumer's intelligence," says Publicis/New York CCO Peter Nicholson. "Instead of some quick, pithy headline, you are rewarded for taking the time to read wry, humorous stories that happen to involve Heineken." Agency: Publicis/New York Client: Heineken CCO: Peter Nicholson GCD: John Liegey AD: Yinbo Ma CW: Michael Sullivan

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