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The medium is the message, as the Newspaper Association of America and The Martin Agency enlist a series of A-list CDs to write full-page treatises on the subject , "How to write a newspaper ad." To date, Lee Clow of TBWA/Chiat/Day, Luke Sullivan of WestWayne, Neil French of O&M/Singapore and Mike Hughes of The Martin Agency have contributed, with Jeff Goodby reportedly hard at work. Each ad has a distinctive tone that reflects the style of its writer. Hughes, depicted as an owl by artist Ben Elay, describes the quiet frustration of rejected ideas. Sullivan takes a self-deprecating approach, commenting on the writer's struggle with the metaphorical anvil on the chest. Long-copy king French's ad is all copy. Ironically, laid-back Left Coaster Clow took the most serious approach (seen at right), providing prescriptions for success. "I thought Lee's would be really out there," says the project's art director, Alon Shoval. "But his copy was actually the most strategic and conservative." Clow offers two routes to newspaper success: The "A picture is worth 1,000 words" approach, and the "8 or 900 words can be worth 1,000 words" concept. The ads can be downloaded from

Client: Newspaper Association of America Agency: The Martin Agency CD: Alon Shoval ADs: Michael Wright, Mark Braddock CWs: Lee Clow, Mike Hughes, Luke Sullivan, Neil French Artist: Ben Elay

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