Nike, Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

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Before seeing this spot, we didn't know there were quite this many ways to get off our couches. Lovingly choreographed down to the individual frame, just as the overall winner in the 2001 AA Best competition, Nike returns with urban street scenes and Olympic dreams. From boarding to video golf, an upbeat piano tune challenges the viewer/listener to get up off the couch-and either dance or get into the game.

Executive creative directors: Hal Curtis, Carlos Bayala

Art director: Hal Curtis

Copywriters: Mike Byrne, Kash Sree

Agency producer: Vic Palumbo

Production co.: RSA USA, Los Angeles

Director: Jake Scott

Editorial co.: Rock Paper Scissors, West Hollywood, Calif.

Editor: Adam Pertofsky

Music co.: Elias Arts, Los Angeles

Composer: Jonathan Elias

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