Nissan's Handspeed

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What might be called the Maxima's "Hands-On" campaign is a breath of fresh exhaust in a frequently stalled category. Yes, it's the usual glorification of speeding - all those tailgating lunatics who think 70 mph is barely moving as they weave in and out of traffic surely feel justified when they watch car commercials - but with a compelling sci-fi twist. People accidentally touch parked cars - whoever touches a car in a car spot except to polish it? - and they're instantly transported to excellently shot and edited driving fantasies, in which they're speeding like demons. But since it's a fantasy it's somehow more engaging. Moreover, at the end of one spot, a man who was holding an orange discovers he's crushed it. In another, a guy tentatively touches a model in an outdoor ad to see what happens. Nice touches, indeed.

Agency: TBWAChiatDayL.A. Client: Nissan ECD: Rob Schwartz CD: Chris Graves, Kathy Hepinstall AD: Doug Mukai CW: Brett Craig Agency Producer: Anh-Thu Le Director: Tarsem/ Editor: Jim Haygood/Spot Welders Effects: Sea Level Music: Elias Arts

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