Olde English

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Musically and stylistically modeled after Nike's soccer sequel to the famed "Freestyle," this brilliant :30 for England's little-known National Football Museum was shot with a hand-cranked camera and features meticulously-researched English footballers, circa 1900. The colorful characters include "Fatty" Foulkes, a 6-6, 300-pound Chelsea goalkeeper, wearing period-correct boots and attire. The spot resulted from an unusual collaboration between the Museum's designer, graphic artist Ben Casey, and Blink director Mark Denton. The two wrote the script, and tapped into the Museum's enormous archives to research the costumes and characters. For authenticity, the team rejected any digital aid. "It's easy to do these things in post," says Denton, "to add the look of scratches and flickers. But it was exciting to shoot with an old 'Charlie Chaplin' camera. We weren't sure what we were going to get."

Client: National Football Museum Agency: The Chase CD: Ben Casey AD: Mark Denton CWs: Ben Casey, Adam Denton Director: Mark Denton Production Co: Blink Post: Rushes Music/Sound Design: Anthony & Gaynor Sadler

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