Pearly gates

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It's impossible to deny the sheer visceral pleasure in tidying, straightening, washing and whitening. Watching these pickets go from brown to white is enough of a suggestion to make us lunge for the floss. This ad for the Zaris teeth-cleaning system is likely to hit the fastidious target group, dentists, where they live.

Client: 3MZaris Agency: Martin/Williams AD: Anne Taylor CW: Cathy Ostlie Photographer: Richard Hamilton Smith Print Production: Julie Mattson

Chip off the old block

We can scarcely imagine the angst that went into this kid's birth announcement, as Seattle's Wong-Doody appeals to the cult of perfection with a new campaign for Design Online. In another print ad for the Website, we see a suicide note with specifications for the design of the tombstone. The tagline strikes the right anal-retentive note of exclusivity: "Things that matter to designers. And only designers."

Client: Design Online Agency: WongDoody/Seattle CD: Tracy Wong AD: Mark "Monkey" Watson CW: Matt McCain Photographer: Mark Hooper Agency Print Producer: Kris Latta

Cotton candy

It's not often that a company launches an ad campaign for a product other than its own, but that's what Novartis Crop Protection has done to demonstrate its gratitude to cotton farmers. In a series of outdoor ads, the pesticide manufacturer ponders the plight of a world without cotton. Another ad points out that "Without cotton you'd be cleaning your ears out with a stick," and a third reads, "Nobody ever wrote a song, `Oh, I wish I was in the land of polyester.' " That'd probably be a great song, though, if you cleaned your ears out with a stick.

Client: Novartis Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day San Francisco CD: Chuck McBride/Kent Gilbert CW: Chuck McBride, Kent Gilbert, Neil Levy AD: Jennifer Ward

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